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We are a company to introduce our useful products against Covid-19. Covid-19 has penetrated people life since it appeared in Feb. Life in China backs to normal for now after we made arduous efforts to fight with virus. But people from some other countries are still suffering. So we would like to help and share our experience and supplies with you.


You might ask why we keep the price lower if the product is competitive.Actually, its simple. Firstly, We live in the same planet. We are human being. If you are suffering from virus, we cant stay aloof from it. The whole world is connected. We want to help genuinely. We want to share our experience how we prevent being affected by virus. Secondly, the founder of Company Mr. Yang who is recognized as a hero of reducing carbon by government devoted himself researching how airborne fine particle PM_(2.5) worked, in order to crush Covid-19, he worked with professors almost one year . Finally, they got this innovated product that had been patented.





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